Why do festivals apply?

EFFE is a programme for festivals and believes that it is an important advantage for Europe’s festivals to be recognised by their peers and the European Union for their outstanding quality and work. The Label recipients benefit from increased visibility, new networking opportunities, belonging to a community of art festivals, and get recognition for their outstanding values. On top of these benefits, it is important to apply so that this Preparatory Action can result in a permanent EU programme for Festivals in the future.

The EFFE Label offers many benefits beyond the recognition itself:

Networking: EFFE is a new festival community connecting in the first place festivals from different art disciplines across Europe. Taking part in EFFE greatly expands connections among artists and festival managers. Through this network animated by the European Festivals Association, festivals discover new projects, exceptional artistic talents, and new opportunities for collaboration.

Festival Community: EFFE not only connects festivals from all kinds of disciplines with one another but also creates bridges to festivals outside Europe, cultural institutes, policy makers and the business sector. Festivals using the EFFE Label to demonstrate their quality toward local governments and partners in the private sector, often noticed that the EFFE Label opened doors for new opportunities.

Values: Festivals are part of an international cultural programme backed by the European Union based on artistic and social values the EU wants to develop. A report by the International Festival Jury on trends and best practices in festivals serve as a valuable tool for knowing what’s hot and essential to know for festivals in Europe. Festivals are invited to take part in exchanges and debates to further develop European cultural policy, making festivals a valuable and acknowledged partner in Europe.

Visibility: The EFFE website and Guide feature all festivals receiving the EFFE Label. The project will develop a far-reaching media campaign involving the tourism sector. The Festivals receive the branding of the EFFE Label which they can use in their own campaigns as well.

The EFFE Conferences and Award Ceremony will be moments of high visibility for all labelled festivals and for the EFFE Award winners.

Partnerships with for example the Google Arts Institute offer festivals tools to increase the visibility of their festival beyond the EFFE tools, such as the Exhibitions for EFFE Award Winners. More partnerships and alliances in the field of tourism, media and sponsorship are envisioned.