Malta Launch of the EFFE Label 2017–2018 for Festivals

10 January, 2017

The EFFE Hub in Malta launched the second edition of the EFFE Label 2017–2018 on 10 January 2017 at Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta. Present for the launch were Kathrin Deventer, Secretary General of the European Festivals Association (EFA), Naima Delaere, Communication and Network Manager of EFA, Maria Angela Vassallo, Creative Europe Malta Desk and Davinia Galea and Mario Frendo from ARC Research and Consultancy, the Malta EFFE Hub.

Creative Europe Desk Malta announced a collaboration with Malta EFFE Hub over the coming months culminating in the organisation of an event which will highlight and promote each of the Maltese festivals receiving the Label in this second edition. Creative Europe Desk Malta aims to support the Malta EFFE Hub to establish, promote, and develop this platform as much as possible.

Davinia Galea announced the Maltese Hub Experts for 2017–2018: Denise Mulholland, Andrew Alamango and David Felice.  The Malta Hub noted positive experiences of local festivals resulting from the first edition namely the important international connections made through the EFFE festivals network.

Kathrin Deventer spoke about the benefits of the EFFE Label for Malta. She said: “Europe is a continent of festivals. From big to small in size, from north, south, east and west, from big countries to small islands such as Malta, we find festivals at all corners of our continent. Festivals have been celebrated across Europe for centuries. We believe that the EFFE Label is an important advantage for Malta’s festivals to be recognized by their peers and by the European Union for their outstanding quality. We believe that this project establishes a quality benchmark and will therefore provide a next step in the development of the landscape of arts and cultural festivals.”