Get to know the EFFE community: Geography and Age

22 June, 2017

The Budapest Observatory studied the EFFE labelled festivals 2017-2018. In the next weeks we will share some insights into the festivals with the EFFE Label. Among other things the Observatory reported on geographical spread of EFFE Labels and the age of the festivals.

The labelled festivals 2017-2018 are spread more evenly through Europe than for the 2015-2016 edition as there were new countries eligible and more applications from the Balkans compared to less from France and Portugal, where a first selection already happened in the first edition. For this edition of EFFE Labels, the four geographical extremities are: Eistnaflug (Iceland) in the North, Opus Pocus (Reunion Island, Indian Ocean, France), GIFT Festival (Georgia) in the East and Folk Azores and Walk&Talk (Azores Island, Portugal) in the West. The highest concentration of EFFE labelled festivals for this edition can be found along the coast of Portugal and in the North of Italy. We notice also a high concentration in the biggest European Metropolis such as Berlin, Paris and Brussels.

The average age of EFFE Festivals is 19 years of existence which corresponds to a festivals in their middle age. The oldest Festival part of the community is Savonlinna Festival (Finland) founded in 1912. In general the oldest festivals are found in Northern and Western Europe whereas the newest festivals are found in the east of the continent. 274 of the labelled festivals were created after 2010 constituting a large pool of young festivals.