European Festivals Association’s International Jury announces the EFFE Labels 2017-2018

10 May, 2017



The EFFE International Jury with Sir Jonathan Mills (Chairman EFFE International Jury, composer and former Director Edinburgh International Festival – Australia, UK), Tamar Brüggeman (Co-Director Wonderfeel - Netherlands), Peter Florence (Director Hay Festivals – UK), Keng Sen Ong (Festival Director Singapore International Festival of Arts - Singapore), Haris Pašović (Theater director, Director East West Centre Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina), Pavel Potoroczyn (CEO of University SWPS in Warsaw - Poland), Renato Quaglia (General Manager FOQUS Foundation - Italy), Irene Rossi (Couleur Café - Belgium), Fruzsina Szép (Festival Director Lollapalooza Berlin and Board member Yourope - Germany/Hungary) including the observers of the Jury Mr. Darko Brlek (EFA President), Mr. Michael Herrmann (Vice-President) and Mr. Massimo Mercelli (Vice-President) is honored to announce the recipients of the EFFE Label 2017-2018.

The International Jury intends to give the greatest diversity of festivals the opportunity to move forward as part of this European festival community. During its deliberations, the Jury was impressed by the immense quality, diversity and exposure of festivals - and their commitment to access and inclusion. It also underlined the consistent artistic choices made by festival makers in programming artists of the past, the present and those emerging for the future. Innovative or regenerative approaches and transformative processes were remarked on as important features of the festivals in EFFE. 

Not only does the Jury acknowledge Europe’s remarkable festivals from 39 countries with the EFFE Label 2017-2018, it also invites its holders to join hands in an open conversation and common movement of solidarity between the arts, artists, and the public.

The Jury invites all those festivals that have not subscribed yet or have not been included to join the process and sign up to its common goals.  Acknowledging that the EFFE programme will need further streamlining, the Jury is convinced about EFFE’s potential: to embrace the European ideal of community and reciprocal understanding and responsibility to the world.

This year the Jury has adopted a wide definition of the festival family: inclusively embracing its diversity - from commercial and tourist festivals to more artistic events; from international flagships to amateur gatherings. The Jury has taken into account the various festivals’ artistic quality and programming, looking at their commitment to inclusive society, taking into consideration a broad view of our social, political and pan-European values.

As of today more than 1000 festivals have received the EFFE Label. Considering the immense potential and lessons learned from the first two editions, the European Festivals Association (EFA) in close dialogue with the EFFE International Jury and the EFFE Hubs will engage in the next step of development for the EFFE process. The Jury therefore invites all festival makers to look out for the EFFE communications and invitations in the coming months.


Sir Jonathan Mills, Chairman, on behalf of the EFFE International Jury

Mr Darko Brlek, President on behalf of the EFA Board