These guidelines are addressed to festivals that apply for the EFFE Label 2017-2018. They explain the legal basis for the Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe programme.

1.1. General

1.1.1. Aims

  • To celebrate Europe’s diverse festivals, EFFE honours their artistic and cultural values. It grants an EFFE Label for outstanding and innovative approaches concerning the 3 criteria and an EFFE Award for the most trend-setting festivals.
  • To enrich the festival landscape and European society, EFFE promotes trends in artistic excellence and innovation. Arts and culture form the core of its mission to globally promote Europe as a vibrant space for cultural diversity, citizenship, democracy, freedom and peace.

1.1.2. Legal Body

  • The legal body of EFFE is the European Festivals Association (EFA).
  • EFA has the right to delegate other legal bodies to operate individual parts of EFFE’s two-year-long programme.

1.1.3. Programme duration:

  • EFFE is a biennial programme.
  • The first programme ran from 15/12/2013 to 14/12/2015. The second and third edition will run from 1 October 2016 – 30 September 2019
  • Festivals will be informed about the result of the second EFFE Label on 21 April 2017, the result of the EFFE Award will be announced in September 2017.
  • Festivals receiving the EFFE Label can use this Label in 2017 and 2018.

1.2. Eligibility

1.2.1. Within EFFE, festivals are seen as an activity or series of events that:

  • has its primary focus on the development, presentation and/or participation in arts and culture.
  • has a programme conceived, produced, curated, marketed and presented as an integrated package.
  • occurs in a defined area/region and a defined period of time.

This is a general definition that is not binding for participation in the programme. All applicants who see themselves as festivals that meet the criteria and exist for two years are invited to apply.

1.2.2. The EFFE International Jury has the right to waive these requirements in extraordinary cases.

1.2.3. The preparatory action grant regulations require that festivals can only be considered eligible for certain benefits if they take place in one of the 28 European Union Member States, Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Israel.

1.3. Opportunities

1.3.1. Each EFFE Label recipient and EFFE Award winner agrees to be part of the EFFE Guide in all its formats (print and digital).

1.3.2. Each EFFE Label recipient and EFFE Award winner agrees to use the Label or the Award in their promotion and communication.

1.3.3. For the full list of benefits not covered under the guidelines, please refer to the EFFE website.

1.4. Application and Evaluation Process

1.4.1. Please see the Application and Evaluation process details on the EFFE website.

1.5. Announcement of the EFFE Label recipients and EFFE Award winners

1.5.1. All EFFE Label recipients are officially announced on 6 May 2017 and EFFE Award winners in September 2017.

1.6. Application

1.6.1. The deadline for applications to be submitted online is 17 February 2017.

1.6.2. Application forms must be submitted in English.

1.6.3. Each festival must submit its own application, even if invited to apply.

1.6.4. Each festival must reapply for every EFFE edition.

1.7. Administration Fee

1.7.1. An administrative fee of €80 for festivals is charged to partly cover the operational costs. The EFFE Label and Award winners will never be asked for contributions to be included in the EFFE Guide in its print and digital platforms, towards the international media campaign, or other.

1.8. Rights of Use

1.8.1. EFFE is not responsible for any rights on submitted content. The applicant must have the copyright of any media or have the permission to use it.

1.8.2. All graphic material sent in by applicants is released free of charge for use in all publications (Guide, website, printed material, press).

1.8.3. The applicant grants EFFE the right to copy all or part of the submitted material for exhibition and/or promotional purposes.

1.8.4. The application of a festival to receive the EFFE Label implies the right for EFFE to publish key information in the EFFE Guide and key findings in the EFFE Festival Report.

1.9. Conflict of Interest Code

1.9.1. Member festivals of any organisational body involved in EFFE must submit an application following the procedure described above. The application forms are evaluated by independent Hub Experts to ensure no preferential treatment is given to member festivals of these bodies.

1.9.2. EFFE requires that all members of the EFFE International Jury, the EFFE Hubs, and the Hub Experts disclose any conflict of interests before any evaluations of festivals have been completed. The EFFE Hub determines the steps required to solve the conflict.

1.9.3. Members of the EFFE International Jury, the EFFE Hubs, and the Hub Experts have an obligation to maintain a high standard of professional conduct, acting with objectivity and independence at all times.

1.10. Disclaimer

1.10.1. A festival’s application to be considered for the EFFE Label implies unconditional acceptance of the guidelines for the EFFE Label and those for the EFFE Award, as well as consent to make the application content available to the Hub Experts, EFFE International Jury and EFA.

1.10.2. Any application failing to comply with these rules may be disqualified by EFA or the respective Hub experts.