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Format: 15/11/2018
Format: 15/11/2018


Lost Theory festival

Lost Theory festival

1 July, 2018

International music and art festival . Electronic music like goa, trance, dub, reggae . The festival is a 10 days international gattering arround art, music , lecture, workshops and permaculture courses.

Festival das Artes

13 July, 2018

Festival das Artes is a multifaceted arts event that takes place in the award-winning grass amphitheatre of the Quinta das Lágrimas historical gardens. Music, dance, theatre, cinema, conferences and gastronomy enliven Coimbra during 12 days and nights in July.

Semana Internacional de Piano de Óbidos

25 July, 2018

Óbidos’s week-long International Piano Festival and Masterclasses unite renowned musicians and young music students in a stimulating blend of musical performance, pedagogy and culture.

PASSAGE festival

27 July, 2018

PASSAGE is an international street theatre festival that unites the Danish city of Helsingør with the Swedish city of Helsingborg across the Sound in a unique collaboration between Helsingør Theatre and Dunkers Culture House.

Aura Festival

2 August, 2018

The Aura Festival is an invitation to discover the inexplicable Sintra, a journey through time and space for fictions and stories linked to the night and the cultural landscape.

Cerveira International Art Biennial

10 August, 2018

Cerveira International Art Biennial, the oldest art festival in Portugal, is focused on the promotion of contemporary art.

Routes in Marpissa

24 August, 2018

Routes in Marpissa is a 3-day, experiential, cultural festival organized by a group of volunteers and takes place every August in Marpissa on the island of Paros, Cyclades.

Isole che Parlano

31 August, 2018

The international festival Isole che Parlano – “Islands that Speak” – takes place in September in Sardinia. Since 1996 it has become an unmissable event for those who love music, photography and art and who want to share these with children.

Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF)

10 September, 2018

Stockholm Fringe Festival is Sweden’s edition of the global Fringe phenomenon. Its core goal is to elevate, empower and promote emerging artists but also to give space to established professionals who produce innovative work across all arts genres.