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Format: 25/09/2017
Format: 25/09/2017


Cineblend - Beeld voor Beeld International Documentary Film Festival on Cultural Diversity

13 June, 2017

Beeld voor Beeld – “Image by Image” – is a documentary film festival concerned with cultural diversity. Rooted in visual anthropology, the festival screens documentaries on various subcultures, with discussions and seminars.

Santorini Arts Factory

15 June, 2017

In 2014 an old tomato factory was transformed into an industrial museum and festival venue: Santorini Arts Factory.

Seto Folk

16 June, 2017

Seto Folk is a unique folk music festival celebrating the Seto cultural heritage and breathtakingly beautiful nature. Held in Värska, South East Estonia, the festival uses intimate, unexpected venues such as barge concerts on the lake, the forest, villages and the farm museum.

Salerno Letteratura

Salerno Letteratura

17 June, 2017

The Festival is a 10 days long event that hosts writers, musicians, best known authors and new promises of italian and european literature.

Đakovački rezovi

Đakovački rezovi

21 June, 2017

Đakovački rezovi is an event that brings together film, theatre and music. In addition, it offers entertaining educational workshops for children, youth and all other interested participants.

Water, Music, Flower Festival (Víz, Zene, Virág)

23 June, 2017

The Water, Music, Flower Festival, held on the last weekend of June, is the biggest family festival in Hungary, with nearly 100,000 visitors every year.

Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow

Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow

24 June, 2017

Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow is the largest in the world presentation of contemporary Jewish Culture from Diaspora and Israel. It brings together Jews and non-Jews from all around the globe to celebrate diversity of Jewish culture and to learn respect and mutual understanding.

AlbaNova - Midsummer festival for music of the past and present

25 June, 2017

AlbaNova is a festival for musical connoisseurs, curious ears and cultural adventure-seekers of all ages. In a historical decor that sparks the imagination, visitors will find a varied range of classical concerts, provocative creations, workshops and installations.



27 June, 2017

A festival in a memorable ancient place,a festival which looks for a meaning of “Harmony of Art”, a space for the soul,where music, theatre, dance, legend and history wind together to achieve beautyness,in ethical, aesthetics, individual and collective terms.

L'Isola delle Storie_Festival Letterario della Sardegna - Gavoi

29 June, 2017

Sardinia, placed at the heart of the Mediterranean area, gives residency to an international literary festival which has established itself as one of the most prominent in the region, L’Isola delle Storie.