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Format: 16/11/2018
Format: 16/11/2018


International Festival of Education

9 May, 2017

June 2013 was the inaugural edition of the International Festival of Education, a celebration of culture and education held in the university city of Iași.

Victoria International Arts Festival

6 June, 2017

The Victoria International Arts Festival is an uninterrupted 5-week series of events consisting mainly of classical chamber music but also including orchestras, choirs, solo recitals, jazz groups, big bands, dance evenings and a mini-Baroque Festival.



8 June, 2017

Andersen Festival is a multidisciplinary urban/street festival linked to the Literary Prize Andersen Premio Baia delle Favole devoted to the unreleased tales. In 2017 the Festival complete 20 years and the Literary Prize 50 years.

Cerealia. Il Festival dei Cereali. Cerere e il Mediterraneo

8 June, 2017

Cerealia is a festival dedicated to all grains, reminiscent of the ancient Roman rites of Vesta and Ceres. Cerealia involves all the countries of the Mediterranean and every year a different country is invited to be the focus of the festival.

Pécsi Országos Színházi Találkozó POSzT | Pécs National Theatre Festival

Pécs National Theatre Festival

8 June, 2017

The Pécs National Theatre Festival (POSzT) is a 10-day festival of Hungarian theatre held every June in various Pécs venues. The main programme features the best 12 performances chosen by the professional jury.

Open heart  - Roma children festival

Open heart - Roma children festival

9 June, 2017

A dream for tolerance and beauty come true! Experience the magic of folklore of different ethnic groups! Believe in childhood dream of a tolerant and better world!

Đakovo Embroidery

Đakovo Embroidery

10 June, 2017

Đakovo Embroidery is a well known and established event of original folklore. The first Đakovo Embroidery Festival was held on 2 and 3 July 1967 as a touristic and cultural event marking the International Tourist Year. The Festival Đakovački vezovi is held annually in July.

Cineblend - Beeld voor Beeld International Documentary Film Festival on Cultural Diversity

13 June, 2017

Beeld voor Beeld – “Image by Image” – is a documentary film festival concerned with cultural diversity. Rooted in visual anthropology, the festival screens documentaries on various subcultures, with discussions and seminars.

Santorini Arts Factory

15 June, 2017

In 2014 an old tomato factory was transformed into an industrial museum and festival venue: Santorini Arts Factory.