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Format: 26/02/2018
Format: 26/02/2018


Photography Festival Fuerteventura

3F Photography Festival Fuerteventura

24 May, 2017

3F is a cultural and social festival held in the fishing village of El Cotillo in the Canary island of Fuerteventura.


26 May, 2017

Bergamo is the location for ARTDATE organized by The Blank, a contemporary art festival held for 3 days in May. Exhibitions, openings, performances and lectures take place in the city’s museums, art spaces and institutions.

Month of Photography

Month of Photography

1 June, 2017

The "Month of Photography" Festival (Bulgaria) has excelled in winning its place in the cultural life of Sofia. The event takes place annually in June and is joined by artists from the whole country and abroad, of various age groups.

The Cottier Chamber Project

1 June, 2017

The Cottier Chamber Project began in 2011 and is a 3-week festival of chamber music and dance that takes place in Glasgow’s West End in June. The festival concentrates mainly on Scottish based artists, with a number of international guests invited to take part each year.

Serralves em Festa

2 June, 2017

Serralves em Festa is a contemporary and interdisciplinary art festival, taking place in Porto in June, celebrating cultural diversity and innovation regardless of identity or nationality.

Festival Photo La Gacilly

Festival Photo La Gacilly

3 June, 2017

La Gacilly, a village in images How can a mere village speak to the rest of the world? Why should a village of just 2,200 people be welcoming more than 300,000 visitors each year? These are the sort of questions people ask when they hear reports of the Festival Photo La Gacilly.

Napoli Teatro Festival Italia

5 June, 2017

Founded in 2008, Napoli Teatro Festival Italia has distinguished itself by its artistic programme, which focuses on the production of artistic performances with a strong international content.

Pécsi Országos Színházi Találkozó POSzT | Pécs National Theatre Festival

Pécs National Theatre Festival

8 June, 2017

The Pécs National Theatre Festival (POSzT) is a 10-day festival of Hungarian theatre held every June in various Pécs venues. The main programme features the best 12 performances chosen by the professional jury.

Santorini Arts Factory

15 June, 2017

In 2014 an old tomato factory was transformed into an industrial museum and festival venue: Santorini Arts Factory.