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Format: 15/11/2018
Format: 15/11/2018


180 Creative Camp

30 June, 2019

180 Creative Camp is a creativity event developed by Canal180, the Portuguese TV channel and online platform dedicated to the arts and culture.


6 July, 2019

AgitÁgueda is a milestone event in the cultural agenda of Águeda. Both the river and the renovated Largo 1.º de Maio are stages for the festival where music, culture, local traditional food and shopping combine in a unique occasion.

Festival Deltebre Dansa

8 July, 2019

Festival Deltebre Dansa is a Performing Arts reference point where thousands of people and hundreds of artists around the world interact and live this special, avant-garde, multicultural and high-quality experience.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

10 July, 2019

The bustling walled city of Dubrovnik hosts its spectacular and one of the oldest European festivals – Dubrovnik Summer Festival – presenting rich and vibrant theatre, dance, classical music, jazz, folklore and film programme, in diverse, mostly open-air, historical venues of the Old City of Dubr

LEM Experimental Music Festival

28 September, 2019

LEM is an international experimental music festival with activities including public exhibitions and concerts, workshops, laboratories and pedagogical initiatives.

Festival of Wonder

Festival of Wonder

7 November, 2019

FESTIVAL OF WONDER: Silkeborg International Festival of Puppet- Object, and Visual Theatre Denmark present theatre for adults, for children, films, exhibitions, workshops, masterclasses, and backstage talks.