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Format: 20/11/2017
Format: 20/11/2017


Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival

2 April, 2017

The Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival, established in 1997, has become the largest classical music festival and one of the most significant cultural events in Poland. A carefully selected programme is interpreted by the best internationally renowned artists.

Mladi Ladi Jazz

2 April, 2017

Mladí Ladí Jazz is an international jazz festival following the jazz music tradition in the Czech environment, aiming to revive and root again within the Czech society. (The czech name means Youth Tunes Jazz.) The main goal of the festival is to attract a young audience back to jazz music.

"Yerevan Perspectives" International Music Festival

3 April, 2017

"Yerevan Perspectives" International Music Festival in recognized worldwide for its highest artistic level and pioneering activity.

Ankara International Music Festival

4 April, 2017

The International Ankara Music Festival became a member of EFA in 1993 and was run under the auspices of the President for the first time in 1994.



7 April, 2017

Dedicated to Claudio Monteverdi, the greatest local composer, the Festival explores the musical world of the seventeenth century. Its peculiarity makes it the symbol of the cultural image of Cremona outside local edges.

Actus Humanus

12 April, 2017

The goal of the Actus Humanus Festival is to present early music pieces linked to the Christmas season as well as the most important masterpieces interpreted by top international representatives of historically informed performance.

FAKS - Festival of Amateur Cultural Creation

FAKS – Festival of Amateur Cultural Creation

20 April, 2017

Based on the principle of lifelong learning and love for amateur creativity, FAKS – the Amateur Cultural Creation Festival is an international cultural, educational and entertaining event uniting choral singing, brass band, dancing and acting festivals.

Festival di Primavera

20 April, 2017

In Tuscany during April young people aged from 6 to 19 gather for Festival di Primavera, a choral music event that began in 2002.

Novi Sad Music Festivities

20 April, 2017

Novi Sad Music Festivities – NOMUS – is a unique combination of the most diverse compositions by gifted and original artists and programmes that link old and new.

Tallinn International Festival Jazzkaar

21 April, 2017

Over 10 days in April the Tallinn International Festival Jazzkaar brings the brightest and most interesting stars and exciting new discoveries from the international and Estonian jazz scenes to the capital.