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Format: 01/03/2017
Format: 01/03/2017


Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF)

14 October, 2015

Stockholm Fringe Festival is Sweden’s edition of the global Fringe phenomenon. Its core goal is to elevate, empower and promote emerging artists but also to give space to established professionals who produce innovative work across all arts genres.

Vaudeville Rendez-Vous International Festival

15 July, 2016

Vaudeville Rendez-Vous International Festival


9 March, 2017

SPRING is an annual contemporary circus festival that takes place throughout Normandie. More than 60 venues present circus shows in partnership with the New Platform 2 Circus Centers in Normandy : La Brèche in Cherbourg and Cirque Théâtre dElbeuf, during the month of March.

Festival XS

24 March, 2017

Festival XS presents about 20 short plays over 3 days, ranging from 5 to 25 minutes long. Theatre, dance, circus, object and puppet theatre come together in creative profusion. Offering artists space in which to experiment, XS is also an invitation to be daring and to innovate.

Maggio all'infanzia

18 May, 2017

Maggio all’Infanzia is a multidisciplinary, arts and theatre festival that has been in operation since 1997. Its aim is not simply to be a festival for childhood, but also to be a festival of childhood, rediscovering the creativity of childhood and its hunger to discover.

Austria International Storytelling Festival

19 May, 2017

At the AUSTRIAN STORYTELLING FESTIVAL the oldest and simplest form of culture is presented – telling a story. Artists from all over the world present their story in various forms – classic Storytelling, combined with other “Narrative Arts” – from Music, Pantomime, Dance to Clownery.


1 June, 2017

PERSPECTIVES is the name of the unique Franco-German festival of performing arts which takes place in May in Saarbrücken, Germany, and the Moselle region in North East France.

Serralves em Festa

2 June, 2017

Serralves em Festa is a contemporary and interdisciplinary art festival, taking place in Porto in June, celebrating cultural diversity and innovation regardless of identity or nationality.

Mirabilia International Circus and Performing Arts Festival

27 June, 2017

Mirabilia International Circus and Performing Arts Festival was inaugurated in 2007 and has become a European benchmark for the creation and diffusion of contemporary live performances.

Festival Olympus

1 July, 2017

The Olympus Festival started in 1972 in Pieria in the Central Macedonia region, and continues to offer high-quality artistic events every July and August. The programme includes ancient and modern theatre, dance, music and visual arts, performed by Greek and international artists.