ZSIFI Jewish and Israeli Film Festival Budapest

ZSIFI Jewish and Israeli Film Festival Budapest
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The Budapest Jewish Film Festival was first organized in November 2012. Since then, films with Jewish themes are screened for four days in November of each year in an art house cinema of Budapest. “ZSIFI – Believe in What You See” has become a popular and awaited event in the capital. We are organizing the film festival each year in the hope that these films will inspire thought, laughter and topics on Jews and not Jews, identity and the world in which we live in, with discussions drawing into the night. The accompanying programs add diversity and variety to the festival, enriching the four days of the ZSIFI festival with professional discussions, forums, food tasting and various children’s programs. As of this year, the Budapest Jewish Film Festival and the similarly popular Israeli Film Week are a single event: From 2017, the annual festivals showcasing the best of international and Israeli cinema presenting Jewish culture await filmgoers under the name Budapest Jewish and Israeli Film Festival.

23 November, 2017
ZSIFI Jewish and Israeli Film Festival Budapest
MUVESZ and Puskin Cinema
1066 Budapest 47° 29' 38.5512" N, 19° 3' 30.2256" E