Zmaj Children's Games June Festival

Zmaj Children's Games June Festival
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The festival programmes at Zmaj Children’s Games in June are multimedia programmes devoted to artistic work and performances for children and young people as well as to their creative aspirations, encompassing various artistic performances - poetic, musical, theatrical, visual art exhibitions and new media displays. The festival takes place in Novi Sad. About a hundred artists, whose work is mainly devoted to children and the young, together with more than 7000 children and young people take part in more then 100 multimedia artistic program units dedicated to belles-lettres.

7 June, 2017 to 11 June, 2017
Zmaj Children's Games June Festival
Zmaj Jovina st. 26/2
21000 Novi Sad 45° 15' 25.2684" N, 19° 50' 51.6552" E