Zejt iz-Zejtun

Zejt iz-Zejtun
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Zejt iz-Zejtun – The Olive Oil Event Zejtun Centre – 23rd to 24th September 2017 Zejt iz-Zejtun the event celebrating the olive picking season and olive pressing for oil will be held in Zejtun during the evening of Saturday 23rd and on Sunday morning 24th September. The place name Zejtun in its original Semitic connotation signifies the fruit of the olive trees and the cultivated olive tree, synonymous with the Mediterranean and popular since biblical times. As the place name indicates, olive tree cultivation and its by-products were a prime activity in the South Coast of Malta in the Punic and Roman era with Zejtun at its’ centre. Over the years, especially with the Arab occupation of Malta at the end of the first millennium, cotton gradually replaced the olive tree. In recent years, olive tree cultivation, olive pressing for oil and its’ association with the healthy Mediterranean diet, have made a comeback. Zejt iz-Zejtun celebrates and commemorates all this. The event organized by the Zejtun Local Council will kick off on Saturday at 7:30pm with the BANDU announcing the event which will be followed by a defile of village folk and farmers’ on carts carrying the olive harvest for pressing. Drummers and flag bearers in medieval costumes as well as folk singers and dancers will be present. Agricultural tools, typical agricultural products and folk art will be exhibited in the ambience of an old country village and fair. Pride of place will be given to the olive tree. Maltese ftajjar and bread dressed in freshly pressed olive oil will be distributed for free tasting. Olive trees and associated products will be on sale. On Saturday, all important historical and civic sites will be open to the public. On Sunday morning at 08:00am, a defile of horses and pets will take part in the traditional blessing in the village centre. The two civic band clubs and church belfries will also be open for public viewing.

23 September, 2017
Zejt iz-Zejtun
Zejtun Centre
ZTN1369 Zejtun