Water, Music, Flower Festival (Víz, Zene, Virág)

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The Water, Music, Flower Festival, held on the last weekend of June, is the biggest family festival in Hungary, with nearly 100,000 visitors every year. The festival provides interesting programmes for every generation so the whole family can enjoy what’s on offer: concerts, wine court, air display, water carnival, art shows, flower exhibitions, funfairs for children, fireworks and more. The festival is held in the centre of the historic town of Tata, on the shores of the beautiful Old Lake.

23 June, 2017 to 25 June, 2017
Water, Music, Flower Festival (Víz, Zene, Virág)
Váralja út 4.
2890 Tata
47° 38' 57.9768" N, 18° 19' 3.2628" E