Walk&Talk Azores – Contemporary Art Festival

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Walk&Talk is an annual arts festival based on cultural and site specific creation in the Azores. It is a platform of transversal and continuous programing: it walks and talks by reflection, creation and contemporary artistic circulation, 365 days a year and in multiple geographies.

Presenting a gradual and experimental growth from its genesis, strictly linked to public art, Walk&Talk has been sustained and increasingly appealing, gaining new contours year after year, reaffirming the intrinsic dialogue between the organization, the artists and the community, reinforcing the four axes that define it
today: still and always the Public Art Circuit; the Art Residency Program; Simultaneous Cycle with performance and concerts; and the Knowledge Program with workshops and conferences - seeking to gain dimension and projection through networking, establishing partnerships with other entities and with other projects.

Intrinsically participative, Walk&Talk maintains its organic desire to recreate the public space, through its body, its image and its imaginary, in the construction of what we can understand as an open-air museum. However, it has found new meanings, not only in the expanded field of contemporary art stricto sensu, but also in music, dance, theatre and cinema.

14 July, 2017 to 29 July, 2017

Walk&Talk Azores – Contemporary Art Festival
Rua dos Afonsos nº 24
9500-377 Ponta Delgada
37° 45' 43.5816" N, 25° 42' 14.7888" W