THEALTER International Theatre Festival

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THEALTER in Szeged is the oldest international theatre festival in Hungary and the most important forum for Hungarian independent theatres. It is a unique event of real tradition, characterized by renewal, innovation and fresh perspectives. Since 1991 nearly 170 theatre groups from more than 30 countries have presented their performances here, many for the first time in Hungary. The younger generations play an important part in the festival, too, both as theatre-makers and as audience. THEALTER offers contemporary theatre and dance, physical theatre, visual theatre as well as street theatre performances, workshops, exhibitions and QandA's with artists.

3 August, 2018 to 11 August, 2018
THEALTER International Theatre Festival
Hajnóczy utca 12.
6724 Szeged
46° 15' 13.95" N, 20° 8' 37.2012" E