Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre

Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre
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TBILISI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THEATRE was founded in 2009 with the mission to popularize Tbilisi, its culture and its unique creative and cherishing atmosphere. The Festival runs every year by the end of September, beginning of October and is one of the major events in International life of Georgia. But not only - it is becoming one of the main performing arts events in Caucasia, attracting attention of the most well-known, creative, provocative and innovative theater productions from the world, a meeting point of Europe and Asia, of many countries and places in one of the most beautiful, warm, unique theatrical and cultural TBILISI, the capital of Georgia. Festival consists of: INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM (since 2009) INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM “NEW” (since 2011) GEORGIAN SHOWCASE PROGRAM (since 2009) NEW MARKET (since 2014) FESTIVAL CLUB (since 2009) International assemblies and symposiums of critics “Culture Bridge” (since 2010) Master classes, workshops and exhibitions (since 2009) Each year we present great artists of modern performing arts; masterpieces of theatre and great ideas of very famous artists. But not only - we also present the companies, that are not yet known to wider public, but do amazing work. And maybe Tbilisi exactly is the start of their great way towards bigger success and recognition.

Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre
Kote Marjanishvili Street 8
0102 Tbilisi
41° 42' 32.8932" N, 44° 47' 46.2876" E