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Since 2012 Cologne’s tanz.tausch festival has been presenting contemporary dance from different German regions. During 4 evenings in December productions are shown from North Rhine-Westphalia as well as from Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg or Heidelberg. The audience can experience a variety of styles and aesthetics and there is something offered for every taste. In short introductions the audience is delivered with background information about the piece and the topics they deal with. After the shows, everyone has the chance to invite single artists for private talk to speak about their work and ask questians. Furthermore, artists and audience can get involved into moderated discussions on topics such as politics or humor on stage. Moreover, the festival offers workshops in theory and practice regarding different topics, so that the audience can have an active experience of the artists' work. All these formats are an initiative to make contemporary dance more accessible to all and enhance exchange.

1 December, 2017
Kurfürstenstr. 10 / Hinterhof
50678 Köln
50° 55' 12.0792" N, 6° 57' 40.158" E