Seviqc Brežice

Seviqc Brežice
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Seviqc Brežice keeps live art to the fore, as is evident from its name Seviqc: “SEmper VIva Quam Creata” or “always alive as created”. Each year concerts are drawn from the musical heritage of the Middle Ages to the start of the 20th century. The most beautiful early music concerts present top international artists, performing in cultural heritage sites such as castles, churches and manor houses. The programme introduces Slovenian artists to foreign ensembles, helping them on their career paths.

21 March, 2017 to 2 December, 2017
Seviqc Brežice
Slovenska cesta 1
1000 Ljubljana
46° 2' 48.9084" N, 14° 30' 3.3588" E