Seinäjoen Tangomarkkinat

Seinäjoen Tangomarkkinat Oy
not awarded

Seinäjoki Tango Festival fills the town with around 30,000 visitors over 5 days in July, gathered to watch amazing dancers, concerts, contests and shows. Tango Street is at the heart of the festival where dancers and bands perform throughout the day and night. Dancehouse is the location for the dance camp, with lessons in a range of dances, while the Contest Arena hosts the singing competitions before an audience of 5,000. TangoBazaar feeds the hungry crowds as they enjoy the unique atmosphere.

5 July, 2017
Seinäjoen Tangomarkkinat
Torikatu 15
60100 Seinäjoki
62° 47' 16.7208" N, 22° 50' 19.3704" E