Savaria Historical Carnival

Savaria Historical Carnival
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Savaria Historical Carnival as Szombathely’s most frequented, grand cultural and entertaining event is based on these unique historical and physical foundations. The Savaria Carnival has by now become the region’s signature cultural and social event .The immensely popular programmes on offer include an impressive range from world, folk and pop music concerts through children’s programmes and play sessions to theatre and acrobatic performances as well as culinary highlights. Offering something for young and old alike and catering for every taste, the Carnival is a truly family programme offering musical, theatre events or ones to teach and delight. The Savaria Historical Carnival chooses to focus on the ancient traditions and the historical past of this Roman city and is committed to upholding traditions by doing so. Young and old alike will be wearing a toga for the late August festival and Szombathely itself will also be wearing its festive best. Seven key venues in the Inner City and a number of accompanying locations await locals and Carnival guests with hundreds of memorable programmes and events on offer. The late August Savaria Historical Carnival has been welcoming not only guests keen on history and traditions, and seeking an opportunity to have fun and unwind but also the artists, musicians and performers of all sorts. Carnival guests and artists alike are kindly invited to enter the gate of time that links the 2-millenia old city’s past and present, and makes it real for all of us. Join us for this time travel!

24 August, 2017
Savaria Historical Carnival
9700 Szombathely 47° 14' 1.176" N, 16° 36' 39.0132" E