Santorini Arts Factory

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In 2014 an old tomato factory was transformed into an industrial museum and festival venue: Santorini Arts Factory. The mission statement of this innovative endeavour is that SAF will become one of the main centres of cultural activity on Santorini and a crossroads of civilizations which will provide direct access to high-quality events. Santorini Arts Factory is dedicated to art and culture for all ages through a diverse programme of theatre, dance and musical productions and exhibitions. The last three years our festivals hosted overall 50 productions concerning all kind of performing arts. SAF also hosts educational workshops and seminars that take place during winter which are funded directly from the revenue of these summer festivals.

15 June, 2017 to 30 September, 2017
Santorini Arts Factory
Tomato Industrial Museum, D. Nomikos Vlijada Beach Santorini
84703 Vlichada,Santorini