Out of the woods

Out of the woods
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I can hear a rustling in the wood! "Out of the woods" is new in Austria's festival scene and brings fresh acts out of the Indie and Alternative jungle. The festival venue is situated in a charming valley surrounded by woods. Its most characteristic feature is the huge tent where the main stage is located. Up to 4.000 people can find themselves under its canvas, 4.000 more outside. Due to its unique construction neither ropes nor columns nor other obstacles spoil your view to the stage. It is opened on one side so that you can lay relaxed in the meadow or in your hammock in the wood enjoying a nice view to the mainstage. The perfect glade for the big acts of tomorrow and Austria's first Boutique Festival!

20 July, 2017
Out of the woods
Schöllingstrasse 10
7203 Wiesen 47° 44' 55.5576" N, 16° 20' 50.2152" E