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OrkesterkamP is an international student and professor exchange in the form of a summer orchestra school and music festival, which includes several days of intensive music training at the special seminars and everyday concerts of different chamber groups and orchestras combined of students and professors. Mentors and conductors are renowned music performers and professors of European universities, conservatories, academies and orchestras. The number of members of the orchestras varies between 50 - 90 per orchestra, and they come from Slovenia and other countries. This year, students and guest music groups will play in 19 concerts in Slovenia and Austria. The International Summer Chamber and Orchestra School and Festival OrkesterkamP in intended for young musicians, with the emphasis on primary and high school students who wish to broaden their musical knowledge and acquire new experiences from playing in an orchestra and chamber group. The participants come from Slovenia and other European and World countries. The organizer in cooperation with the mentors and conductors allocates the students into different orchestras and chamber groups of varying difficulties, depending on and appropriate to their current musical knowledge and skill. The main musical ensembles are: Bovec Jazz Band, Junior Winds, Junior Strings, Festival Winds and Festival Symphony. The courses are open to everyone, there are no limits or auditions to enter, which is a speciality among similar summer schools and shows our openness and availability to everyone. The only limit is the capacity of the music venues.

2 July, 2017 to 26 July, 2017
Erjavčeva ulica 6
5000 Nova Gorica 45° 57' 19.8252" N, 13° 38' 38.3424" E