Oriente Occidente

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Festival ORIENTE OCCIDENTE was founded in 1981 and works actively to strengthen the role of contemporary dance in Italy. In addition to performances, the association arranges artist residency, seminars, lectures, workshops and exhibitions. This Festival is a research centre where East and West are intended as poles of an ideal route of exchanges and crossroads not only between cultures but also between genres and languages of the contemporary scene. The Festival has always hosted first nights of important artists and companies from all over the world. The programme also includes a section for local young talent, aimed at providing creative and productive support. The overall goal is to secure a place and a sense of urgency for dance in society by presenting contemporary international dance of the highest quality and to promote the development, availability and diversity of dance for audiences and mass media.

30 August, 2017 to 10 September, 2017
Oriente Occidente
Corso Rosmini 58
38068 Rovereto
45° 53' 27.24" N, 11° 2' 27.744" E