Open Ohr Festival

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The Open Ohr Festival, taking place annually at Pentecost, has been a constant in the cultural live of the city of Mainz/Germany for over four decades now. Throughout four consecutive days, it offers a programme consisting of discussion panels, musical performances, theatre performances, screenings of films and documentaries, workshops, readings, poetry slams and stand-up comedy. What makes the festival unique in all of Germany, is that the Open Ohr dedicates itself to a socio-cultural theme each year, making the panels discussing this topic the heart of the festival's programme and also arranging the items of the other categories according to this theme. Funded by the city of Mainz and taking place at a historic citadel area, the Open Ohr Festival is a non-profit-endeavour with its programme shaped by a group of dedicated volunteers, working independent from financial incentives or political ties.

18 May, 2018 to 21 May, 2018
Open Ohr Festival
55131 Mainz