Novi Sad Music Festivities

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Novi Sad Music Festivities – NOMUS – is a unique combination of the most diverse compositions by gifted and original artists and programmes that link old and new. The festival’s mission is to reveal new and exciting interpretations, names and works, as well as pieces that were created centuries ago, to create a balance between tradition and the need for the avant-garde. Founded in 1975, the festival attracts large numbers of young visitors to hear top national and international artists perform. 37th NOMUS will present: - FREDDY KEMPF, piano, conductor (Great Britain) with VOJVODINA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (Serbia); - Chamber Orchestra ANIMA MUSICAE (Hungary) with Barnabas KELEMEN, violin (Hungary) - Vladimir LABAT ROVNJEV, instruments constructor (Serbia) - BELGRADE PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA with Uroš LAJOVIC, conductor (Slovenia) and Stephan DOHR, French horn (Germany) - String Quartet AROD (France) - Solo coreo-drama, Author and project performer: Miloš SOFRENOVIĆ (Ireland) - ACADEMY OF ARTS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (Serbia) with Andrej BURSAĆ, conductor (Serbia) and STEFAN MILENKOVIĆ, violin (Serbia-USA) - GLASS DUO (Poland) - JANOSKA ENSEMBLE (Slovakia-Austria) - DEUTSCHES KAMMERORCHESTER (Germany) with AVI AVITAL, mandolina (Israel) Welcome :-)

20 April, 2017 to 28 April, 2017
Novi Sad Music Festivities
Katolička porta 2/II
21000 Novi Sad