Nova Festival

Nova Festival
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The basic concept of music programme of Nova Festival is to represent contemporary authorship and music performance practices, oriented towards experimental approach. Nova Festival tends to represent authors whose contemporary orientation works on many levels: first of all, the idea is to present the avant-garde music through accessive approach and flirtation with popular music genres such as rock or electronic music; on the other hand, to present the music based in traditional and often conservative genres such as jazz and classical music, and possibility for their interpretation in original and unexpected context of authorship. Finally, to present the music which is free of genre-boundaries, as a starting point for new styles and music concepts of 21. century – like it was jazz, rock, or electronic music, in 20. century. Festival is organized by Association “Komunikart” from Pančevo, with the support from City of Pančevo, City of Kovin, and partners: Youth centre Pančevo, Culture centre Kovin, Kolarac Foundation, Austrian Kulturforum, Collegium Hungaricum, Embassy of Slovenia, Italian Institute for Culture, etc.

5 October, 2017 to 7 October, 2017
Nova Festival
Sindjeliceva 21b
26000 Pancevo 44° 52' 48.3672" N, 20° 38' 28.0392" E