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NOTAFE is a week-long festival, taking place annually, where about hundred people dive together into the July in Viljandi, Estonia, all triggered by a common attraction - an active attitude concerning one's body and mind. What's happening on site is a contemporary-wise school, meaning verbal but also physical dialogue; inner, abstract but also operative, actual curiosity, and shared time and space. The proposition, offered by notafe is a fixed seven-day timetable, freedom of choice included. The program contains different workshops, performances, talks and discussions, organised meetings, meals, music and walks, latenight dancing, fresh air and thoughts. The upcoming festival will be its twenty fifth! This year´s list of workshops contains improvisation, dance technique, voice work, directing and many more. At the time of the festival there is also a youth programme running called YOUNG notafe and meant for children at the age of 10 - 14. The festival team welcomes You in Viljandi, Estonia 7.07.2017 - 14.07.2017

7 July, 2017 to 14 July, 2017
jakobsoni 47c
71004 Viljandi
58° 21' 58.4928" N, 25° 36' 25.542" E