Nordland Music Festival

Nordland Music Festival
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Approximately 25,000 people visit the event organised by Nordland Musikkfestuke (Nordland Music Festival) during the Festival's 10 days in week 32 every year. This makes our festival one of the most important vehicles of classical music in the region, and one of the country's biggest festivals. The name itself indicates that the Musikkfestuke is meant to be a celebration of music, and preferably a Music Festival for everyone. The programme mainly consists of classical music, but the festival also finds room for jazz, folk music, music theatre, dance, pop, rock and other genres. Our ambition is to make classical music available for everyone and invite people to musical arenas which will open their minds to new cultural experiences. In short, the Music Festival is the place where one of the world's greatest pianists plays his piano on an outdoor stage 366 metres above sea level, where North Norwegian folk singers use Hurtigruten (the Norwegian Coastal Express) as scenography, and shopping centres become cool cultural centres at the same time as a first class orchestra plays in one of Europe's best concert halls.

12 August, 2017 to 26 August, 2017
Nordland Music Festival
Moloveien 18
8002 Bodø 67° 16' 53.0184" N, 14° 22' 28.9128" E