Noorderlicht Photofestival

Noorderlicht Photofestival
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Noorderlicht presents an annual photography festival at easily accessible and striking locations. The festivals, which also have the character of a ‘happening’, are typified by Noorderlicht’s own authorship which extends much further than the collection of existing work. Noorderlicht produces its own visual compositions which incorporate contemporary developments. This international festival will essentially take place in Friesland and Groningen on an alternate basis, as is the tradition. Noorderlicht Festival 2017 (Der Aa-kerk, Groningen) ART AND SCIENCE Art and science are both primary expressions of the curiosity which is so immensely important to human progress. Noorderlicht shows art inspired by science and the beauty of science itself. Noorderlicht Festival 2018 (Friesland) THE LANDSCAPE AS ARENA (together with Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2018) Nature was once first and foremost a habitat, a home. But industrial production and consumption have turned nature into mining areas for natural resources and food. This friction plays the principle role in the visual narrative that Noorderlicht displays, with subjects such as global climate change, the cultural landscape, human legacy in the natural surroundings, the landscape in service to economic functions, sustainability and ecology.

22 October, 2017 to 19 November, 2017
Noorderlicht Photofestival
Akerkhof 12
9711 JB Groningen 53° 12' 58.7592" N, 6° 33' 47.898" E