No_body Dance/Movement & Performance Arts Festival

No_body Dance/Movement & Performance Arts Festival
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Dance, Movement and Performance Arts Festival NO-BODY is organized by Dance Gate Lefkosia, Cyprus every year since 2009, with two years careful preparation, in 2007 and 2008. During it's course, 70 groups and 300 artists from Cyprus, Europe and other parts of the globe have been presenting their creations to the audience and 50 original works performed were created in the context of the Festival's activities.

Founded in 2007, Dance Gate Lefkosia-Cyprus is an NGO that aspires to promote the development of dance as a contemporary and inter-active art form, taking as a starting point the location of Cyprus at the further south eastern European corner, bridging with the NO-BODY Festival west and east at the crossing point between cultures. In 2009 Dance Gate has become a full member of the European Dance House Network and this involvement resulted in the cooperation, in the context of the Festival, with the European Project Modul Dance 2010 - 2014. In 2012, Dance Gate, as a founding member of the Dance House Nicosia, has integrated its activities in the sphere of the Festival's development.

The NO-BODY Festival has been expanding and broadening its activities with the support of its audience, the community, many institutions and the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

1 December, 2017
No_body Dance/Movement & Performance Arts Festival
25 Parthenonos, Ayios Andreas
1105 Nicosia
35° 10' 24.1536" N, 33° 19' 49.5048" E