Nicosia Pop Up Festival

Nicosia Pop Up Festival
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The major objective of the Nicosia Pop Up festival is to gather in the main shopping artery of Nicosia whatever innovative, inventive and creative exists today in the fields of entrepreneurship, entertainment and culture. Through the organization of the festival, we aim at the revitalization and revival of Makarios Avenue by boosting entrepreneurship, either through commercial activity or through innovation, and the emergence of new talents through creation. The project is accompanied by a range of parallel activities –educational, cultural, recreational– focusing on the active participation of the public. The participations concern the following areas: A. Innovation Proposals concerning innovative ideas from new companies (start ups) B. Commerce Proposals by professionals or young entrepreneurs and artists in relation to retail trade C. Art Proposals relating to arts and culture (e.g. art exhibitions, installations, theatre, music, performances, dance) D. Education Proposals of educational interest (e.g. workshops, courses, lectures and other related activities), which will be held in appropriate predefined spaces

15 November, 2017
Nicosia Pop Up Festival
City Plaza, Makarios Avenue
1016 Nicosia 35° 9' 59.6556" N, 33° 21' 41.22" E