Media & Art - Festival in Darłowo

The Media & Art Festival is a collage of creativity, a clash of cultures – but not a culture shock.
Emphasis on the credibility and freshness. Two blocks of events, as well as two dimensions. Four days a series of live meetings with outstanding figures of the media, the arts and sports.
On the outdoor stage at the lighthouse a lot of music stars presentations (Radio Koszalin "Amber Microphone" competition). All of this is in the scenery of: july, summer beach.

13 July, 2017 to 16 July, 2017
Media & Art - Festival in Darłowo
Plac Tadeusza Kościuszki 9
76-150 Darłowo
54° 25' 20.7048" N, 16° 24' 38.5848" E