London Festival of Bulgarian Culture

London Festival of Bulgarian Culture
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Objects The charityʼs objects are: 1.To promote art for the benefit of the public by the establishment and the incidental and regular organisation of festivals and events presenting and/or showcasing Bulgarian and Balkan culture, including but not limited to exhibitions, concerts, theatre plays and motion pictures. 2.To stimulate the development of Bulgarian and Balkan culture and to make available to the public the heritage of these regions by featuring prominent and up-and-coming artists, including, but not limited to performers, composers, painters, musicians, dancers and craftsman. 3.To facilitate the establishment of artistic partnerships between Bulgarian, Balkan and British artists and to support and assist such existing affiliations. 4.To encourage and precipitate collaboration between artistic and cultural festivals and organisations, by creating a dialogue of ideas, achievements, innovation and supporting creativity, thereby contributing to the development of art and artistic education for the benefit of the public. 5.To support the development and Bulgarian and Balkans classical music thereby assisting both composers and performers. 6.To advance the education of the public in the subject of arts and culture and in particular performing arts and culture. 7.For the public benefit to promote the education in arts and culture of people including those under the age of 25 years in such ways as the charity trustees think fit, including by: (1) awarding to such persons scholarships, maintenance allowances or grants tenable at any university, college or institution of higher or further education; (2) providing their education of music or other arts, to undertake travel in furtherance of that education or to prepare for entry to any occupation, trade or profession on leaving any educational establishment and in particular: (a)organising master classes, introducing children to new repertoire and new technologies for music making, (b) establishing and supporting connections between professional musicians and artists and students.

1 November, 2017
London Festival of Bulgarian Culture
64 Wales Farm Road
W3 6UE London 51° 31' 15.6684" N, 0° 15' 38.07" W