L'Isola delle Storie_Festival Letterario della Sardegna - Gavoi

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Sardinia, placed at the heart of the Mediterranean area, gives residency to an international literary festival which has established itself as one of the most prominent in the region, L’Isola delle Storie. Thousands of visitors attend the free open air event held in Gavoi, a small town right at the centre of the island, in the Barbagia district. The festival gives voice to remarkable international literary figures, acclaimed Italian names, as well as emerging new authors, free thinkers debating what matters and inspiring people to look at the world from a different perspective. The children's programme is also an important platform for writers, musicians and talented illustrators, featuring a vast range of workshops. Films, concerts and exhibitions complete the 4-day programme. Photo ©Ziga Koritnik

28 June, 2018 to 1 July, 2018
L'Isola delle Storie_Festival Letterario della Sardegna - Gavoi
Via Garibaldi , 2
08020 Gavoi (Nu)
40° 9' 36.2808" N, 9° 11' 39.1956" E