La grande invasione

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La grande invasione ("The great invasion") is the first festival in Italy completely dedicated to the theme of READING. Italy is currently at the lowest rank among European countries in terms of readership rate. In 2003, Gianmario Pilo, a bookseller, and Marco Cassini, a book publisher, joined forces in order to take action: every year in June they invite actors, writers, librarians, musicians, educators, translators, publishers, booksellers, from Italy and abroad to Ivrea, and ask them to read, discuss or perform with the aim of a joyful transmission of a pleasure, the pleasure of reading. Events are for both adults and kids (at least 1/3 of the programme's events every year is dedicated to children.)

1 June, 2018 to 3 June, 2018
La grande invasione
Via palestro 70
10015 Ivrea