Korsholm Music Festival

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Since 1983 Korsholm Music Festival has invited leading Nordic and international chamber musicians to perform in the light summer nights of Vaasa in varied surroundings, such as churches and museums. Each year the festival explores a different theme and appoints a composer in residence to produce a new work on that theme. Cultural excursions are arranged for visitors to complement the concert experience. Korsholm Music Festival will be arranged from 26.7-3.8.2017. The theme of the festival comes from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and is Truth & Tales (Dichtung und Wahrheit). We also celebrate Finland’s 100 years of independence and combine the themes with music inspired by the Finnish national epic Kalevala and the history of Finland. Pianist professor Henri Sigfridsson continues as the artistic director of the festival. Welcome to the meeting point of myths and reality at Korsholm Music Festival 2017! The concerts of Korsholm Music Festival are widely spread along the west coast of Finland. This is unique among festivals. Despite the logistic challenges around 30 concerts are mastered and performed by inspiring top artists and a dedicated festival team to give the audience a unique experience. This year we have the honor of spreading the musical message of a profound walk of life around the Ostrobothnian flat fields interpreted by top chamber musicians and mirrored by the audience.

26 July, 2017 to 3 August, 2017
Korsholm Music Festival
Senaatinkatu 1
65100 Vaasa
63° 5' 43.188" N, 21° 36' 40.5936" E