Kintai Music Festival

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Every summer, a beautiful little town Kintai once becomes a special spot gathering audiences hungry for evoking, vigorous and relatable professional modern and classical music. Kintai Music Festival is an exciting place to experience mind-blowing classical music and unforgettable world premieres. One of the highlights in 2017 at the Kintai Music Festival will mark the 70th anniversary of the German minimalist composer Peter Michael Hamel and his music. The magnificent setting by the famous Curonian Lagoon, close to the Baltic Sea, is also an inspirational hub of creation for internationally acclaimed Lithuanian composer Gediminas Gelgotas – artist of a sensational, unique and compelling compositional voice, as well as the New Ideas Chamber Orchestra NICO – a string ensemble known for accessibly and entertainingly performing new music for which the ensemble is often described as a modern classical music equivalent of true rock stars. As a tradition, just before NICO brings their new programmes to the concert halls of Europe and United States, the fans of NICO gather to be the first ones to hear them in the magical environment of Kintai and atmosphere of Kintai Music Festival. Right before the new works by Gelgotas are presented at the most prestigious international festivals, greatest concert halls in Europe or broadcasted on Mezzo TV, the first performances are often made exactly where the compositions were first created – at the charming churches of Kintai. Thanks to festival director Mrs Juodeskiene and artistic director Mr Gelgotas, NICO, residents of Kintai, as well as music lovers from around the country and Europe we are celebrating the 6th edition of the Kintai Music Festival this year. Become a part of the inspiring and lively atmosphere accumulated in Kintai this summer!

21 July, 2017 to 5 August, 2017
Kintai Music Festival