Katowice JazzArt Festival

Katowice JazzArt Festival
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Katowice JazzArt Festival emphasizes many dimensions of music including the presence in the public space, correspondances between musical genres and cross-cutting approaches with other artistic forms, especially with visual arts. Above all, Katowice JazzArt Festival is about gender equality and social diversity, showcasing artists, women and men, from worldwide. In the same vein, concerts, carrying a strong social impact, will be performed in correctional facilities in Katowice. The city thus proves that music is a driver for social cohesion and intercultural dialogue, as well as favors a fortiori the establishment of resilient and inclusive sustainable cities.

25 April, 2017 to 30 April, 2017
Katowice JazzArt Festival
Plac Sejmu Slaskiego 2
40-032 Katowice