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Julidans is the international festival for contemporary dance in the Netherlands. The festival takes place yearly on various locations in Amsterdam; in the centre, in the west and in the south of the city. Julidans is about innovation and development within the international dance scene. By organising the festival, Julidans wants to answer questions like: ‘What is the present global state of dance as an art form? What does dance signify and what does it contribute to our everyday life? How does culture manifest itself in contemporary dance and can we speak of a European identity?’ With choreographers who dedicate themselves to finding new forms and who take the human body as a medium for communication, Julidans does not want to limit itself to just presenting performances. By staging different activities - such as workshops for professinals and audiences, aftertalks and an artist' lab - Julidans endeavours to create a platform for artists and professionals to meet and exchange with each other and with the audience too. We do this from our conviction that dance is an art form that can stir emotions, provoke thought, entrance and sometimes annoy. We would like to stir up discussions between all the visitors about what is shown and happening in the festival. In order to approach the above from different perspectives, Julidans is composed of different program components. All components are interconnected and share the common goal of contributing to the development of dance and keep the people moving mentally and physically.

4 July, 2017 to 15 July, 2017
Leidseplein 26
1017PT Amsterdam 52° 21' 50.364" N, 4° 52' 55.956" E