Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow

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Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow is the largest in the world presentation of contemporary Jewish Culture from Diaspora and Israel. It brings together Jews and non-Jews from all around the globe to celebrate diversity of Jewish culture and to learn respect and mutual understanding. 30,000 persons comes annually to the festival held in Kazimierz - a Jewish quarter of Krakow - in order to participate in more than 200 events within 9 days: concerts, DJ-parties, lectures, seminars, workshops, guided tours and various art projects: from photography to street art. Krakow Jewish Culture Festival breaks stereotypical perception of Jewish culture, that is very often perceived as something related to past only, anachronic and strictly religious. Images taken straight from "The Fiddler on the Roof" movie are the first association for many people. Our festival presents contemporary face of Jewish culture - both secular and religious that shows other people how universal is that culture and how much it inspires other cultures and stimulates new trends in general world-culture. We do not only present Jewish culture and provide entertainment. The main goal of the festival is to educate and to give people Jewish experience, in order to fight prejudice, stereotypes, xenophobia and anti-Semitism. Our festival has been one of the most important driving forces behind the gentrification of Kazimierz Jewish quarter in Krakow.

22 June, 2018 to 1 July, 2018
Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow
36, Jozefa Street
31-056 Krakow 50° 3' 4.4424" N, 19° 56' 50.0568" E