J-O-Ś Trinationales Theaterfestival D – PL – CZ

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In the border triangle between Poland, Czech Republic and Germany, J-O-Ś the theater festival becomes a meeting place for international artists and guests, providing stages for multilingual theater productions from the neighboring countries and an additional nation. Supertitles, translators, pre-performance talks with the artistic guests complete the performance visit of the drama productions. The festival is part of the theater initiative J-O-Ś, a creative partnership of stages in Liberec, Jelenia Góra and Zittau. The goal is to exchange and present dramatic productions that are based on the cultural assets of the respective neighboring countries to diverse audiences.

23 May, 2018 to 27 May, 2018
J-O-Ś Trinationales Theaterfestival D – PL – CZ
Theaterring 12
02763 Zittau
50° 53' 58.56" N, 14° 48' 32.724" E