International Theatre Festival Retroperspectives

International Theatre Festival Retroperspectives
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RETRO/PER/SPECTIVES: CHOREA. Theatre Festival is a space for confrontations, innovative theatre search, a platform for workshop meetings and an arena for discussions of changes in theatre of the 21st century. Every two years, we want to gather prominent Polish and international theatre phenomena, whose existence breaks the anachronistic divisions into the theatre of words, movement and music, returning the unbreakable unity – choreia – a life-giving foundation of theatre. In relation to our festival, CHOREA is not a proper name, but an idea which opens new spaces for theatre, setting tasks for an actor – a storyteller-dancer-singer, and facing the director with new challenges. The director, as in ancient Greece, should be a dramatist, choreographer and composer at the same time. RETRO/PER/SPECTIVES: CHOREA Theatre Festival is a solid reference point on the theatre map of Poland.

22 April, 2017
International Theatre Festival Retroperspectives
Tymienieckiego 3
90-365 Łódź
51° 44' 54.7908" N, 19° 27' 50.1588" E