International Storytelling Festival Alden Biesen

International Storytelling Festival Alden Biesen
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The International Storytelling Festival Alden Biesen is an annual multilingual storytelling event which lasts 8 to 9 days inviting professional storytellers from all over Europe and beyond. During the week our festival is open to schools, ranging from pre-primary over primary to secondary and adult education. Apart from Dutch we offer performances in English, French and German to secondary school students, so they can combine performances in different languages as we plan different storytelling performances at the same time. For adult education we offer performances in 8 different languages, for some of these languages we even offer different levels. We only work with native speakers. During the weekend we organise storytelling events for everone interested in the art of storytelling. Also then we offer storytelling in different languages. We plan around 200 performances, which makes our festival one of the biggest storytelling festivals in the world. Due to its multilingual aspect, the different target groups and its size this festival is unique in the world.

18 April, 2017 to 25 April, 2017
International Storytelling Festival Alden Biesen
landcommanderij Alden Biesen, Kasteelstraat 6
3740 Bilzen 50° 50' 30.0696" N, 5° 31' 14.5812" E