International Puppet Festival

Inetrnational Puppet Festival
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The International Puppet Festival was born in 1967. The first time was every two years, and then was a changing, from 1974 onwards we take place every three years. The most significant feature of the child's orientation. The show is for invited domestic and foreign children puppet shows are presented. The Békéscsabai International Puppet Festival make it special the additional programs. Example the professional discussions, street puppet shows, street games, concerts or exhibitions. Almost every country in Europe had been participants in the festival, the Americans, the Far Eastern, Australian and New Zealand also. The festivals has become turism attraction, in addition to the invited puppet ensemble, every years more visitors followed the events.

International Puppet Festival
Andrássy út 1-3.
5600 Békéscsaba 46° 40' 48.5148" N, 21° 5' 51.99" E