International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival

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The International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival has established itself as one of the most innovative and cutting-edge annual music events in the Eastern Mediterranean. Under the artistic supervision of the internationally renowned Cypriot composer, Evis Sammoutis, the Festival is dedicated to the promotion of new music: The well-established masterpieces of the contemporary music literature of the 20th century as well as new works by the younger generation of composers. Organised between 6 and 13 October 2017 and drawing attention to the evolution of traditional music into what we now know as ‘new music’, the 9th International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival is certain to be a unique sonic experience! In the span of a week, the Festival aims to stand as the meeting point of traditions from east to west, from the past to the present: a crossway in which instruments from various cultures mingle with their western descendants, a hybrid platform where the shared but also the contrasting music elements from various traditions around the globe are exposed, and oral and improvisational practices are combined with modern notation and compositional techniques.

6 October, 2017 to 13 October, 2017
International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival
THE SHOE FACTORY, 304 Ermou Street
1017 Nicosia