International Lace Festival Lepoglava

International Lace Festival Lepoglava
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Lepoglava Lace Festival was established in 1997. Since then Lepoglava has become a networking and meeting place local and foreign heritage related organizations and centres, lace makers and experts from various scientific and professional areas. Program content is rich and of high quality - exhibitions, scientific and professional conferences, lectures and workshops, concerts and exhibitions of handicrafts. The festival has become a significant factor in the cultural and tourist offer of the region. The festival takes place in late September each year and lasts for four days. It brings together a large number of international and domestic participants. www.cipkarski-festival.com

21 September, 2017
International Lace Festival Lepoglava
Hrvatskih pavlina 7
42250 Lepoglava 46° 12' 28.6416" N, 16° 2' 35.4876" E